Your stay

  • We keep a guest register of all guests. If you receive visitors, you are obliged to report this. It is not allowed to let unregistered visitors stay overnight.
  • In the shared kitchen you can use a luxury espresso machine, kettle, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave and oven.
  • Coffee & tea are free and can be consumed as needed. Other drinks can be consumed for a fee. Please let us know on departure and we will send you a payment request for these costs.
  • The accommodation is located on the 1st floor, accessible via a fairly steep staircase.
  • Each room has an electronic safe, hairdryer, towels, shampoo and shower gel.
  • Unfortunately, there is no bicycle parking available. There are guarded (free) bicycle sheds in the area, such as at the Wolvenhoek.
  • There are electric locks on the front door and the room doors. Your key gives access to the outside door of the accommodation and your room. Don't forget your key when you leave your room! Call us if you feel locked out or call the neighbors. Loss must be reported immediately and upon departure (if the key cannot be found) an amount of € 20 will be charged.
  • You can check out until 11:00 am at the latest. If we are not present, you may leave the key in your room and close the door.
  • We like it when our guests feel at home. This also includes keeping the rooms tidy. If you get dirty dishes in the afternoon or evening, you can put them in the dishwasher.
  • There is a safe in every room. You can operate it electronically with your own pin code. The user manual is in the safe. Note: the red button is behind the door on the side of the hinges!
  • The bedside lamps have a dimmer; 1x click is on/off. Press and hold dimmer to dim.
  • This is accessible to every visitor. Always put cushions back inside in case of rain. Also please close doors on departure.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Smoking is only allowed on the terrace. Be considerate of other guests and extinguish your cigarette in the ashtray.
  • We are happy to contribute to a cleaner environment. For multi-day stays, we replace your linen every 3 days. In principle, we also do this with towels; please let us know if you would like clean towels sooner.
  • The escape route is indicated in every room. Fire extinguishers and first aid kits are available in the corridor on the first floor. Exterior door can always be opened from the inside!
  • ENERGY: Please turn off the radiator as soon as you open a window or door!